Eyes to the hills…

29 04 2010

“I lift up my eyes to the hills, from where does my help come from?  My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth!”  Psalm 121:1-2 (and I added the exclamation mark because when I read that verse I get excited at the end)

Grief is an emotion that all of us have either seen, experienced first-hand, or helped others through.  I was lucky for most of my life to aviod any real grief associated with death until I lost two grandparents in the same year as well as a close family friend.  Honestly, that type of grief was tough for a time but Christ’s promise of good to come after death as well as a growth of trust in His sovereignty made those times much easier.  However, until recently I have never truly felt grief over sin.  Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean that I was ok with sin or that I constantly looked past it.  I just don’t know that I have ever even begun to understand how sin so grieved God that it was necessary to send His Son to wash it clean.  Sin so grieved our heavenly Father that He had to send His Son to stand in our place and to stand in front of us in front of God.

I don’t know what triggered the difference but all this week I have been emotionally wrecked by my own sin but even more by the sin I see in this world that so grasps those that I love.  My sin I can seek forgiveness from, I can gain repentance from it, I can turn away from it by God’s leading, and by the Spirit I can see that sin pattern decrease in my life.  (Don’t believe me read 1 John)  However, what I can’t wrap my head around is how powerless I am to cleanse myself of that sin and even more how powerless I am to help others to see and understand their sin.  This is especially tough with people who I see Christ in and I have seen fruit of their relationship with Him.  I just want to shake them and scream at them and tell them they are sinning and they should repent and seek Christ.  But nobody ever did that for me- it took the Spirit convicting my heart to see my sin and seek Christ’s forgiving love.

The point in all this is that this week has been incredibly tough for me as I see those who I know love Christ turn their backs on light and turn toward darkness.  What scares me and grieves me is that James 2 says very clearly that faith WILL BE MODELED BY GOOD WORKS.  We can’t judge the heart as men but we will see great faith by works.  Good works show a decreased pattern of sin in our lives and if we have an increased pattern of sin in our lives then we are not walking in good works and thus according to James 2 our faith is dead.  Dead faith=no faith.  No faith=no Christ.  THAT SCARES ME TO DEATH AND GRIEVES MY HEART!

1 John 1 is even clearer that those who walk in light will walk away from darkness and toward light but those who walk in darkness cannot call themselves children of God without being called liars.  This doesn’t mean that Christ-followers will never sin.  That’s impossible and illogical.  What it does mean is that followers of Christ will have a decreased pattern of sin in their lives, they will be constantly convicted of their sin by the Holy Spirit, and sin will not be ultimately pleasurable.  I remember life without Christ and in that time sin was fun because I didn’t know the joy of life in Christ BUT when I gave my life to Jesus all that changed and all of the sudden true joy came in Christ’s fullness not in worldly sin.

This is what grieves me today and has pulled me to my knees all week.  When I see those close to me so grasped by their sin that I am concerned for their heart.  I know that I can not judge their hearts but I can grieve and because of  the decreased pattern of good works that I see and their powerlessness to sin I grieve.  I grieve when I hear those close to me say that they can’t do what is right because it is just too hard or they justify their sin with morality or hedonistic reasoning.  I grieve because I want so bad for people that I love and all people to understand Christ at an even greater level than me.  For them to see Christ as ultimately powerful, incredibly bold, unashamed of His Father, and completely loving.  Most of all, this week, I have grieved because the presence of sin and Satan’s grasp on so many has overwhelmed me as Christ opened my eyes to it this week.

However, just like I had trust in God’s sovereignty before I have to trust in that now.  In times like this when God reveals to me the depth and despair of a world wrecked with sin particularly in those close to me I have to trust in His power and His sovereignty.  I have to lift my eyes to the hills and remember that He created the world, He saved the world, and He is big enough to handle my grief, my sin, and the sin of those that I love.

Bottomline:  God is sovereign.  Sin will always tempt and destroy this world.  I should grieve over sin under the umbrella of Christ’s sovereignty and NEVER NEVER NEVER cease to pray for the Spirit to convict and work in the lives of people; especially those whom I love.

Love yall

Conquered <><




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