Our Future in Dallas

12 04 2010

This past week it became public knowledge about Megan and I’s move to Dallas coming in August.  There are so many people I need to call or talk to personally that it would take me all week to explain the move and answer questions.  Since that is not something I can do at this point in time and I want those people close to me to find out as “first-hand” as possible I decided a blog post would be the best way to make this news public.  That being said I sent a letter the parents and church members at my church this past weekend and I have revised it a little to be fitting for this blog post.  It should explain it pretty significant detail why Megan and I are leaving and our plans for the future.  We love you all and we only ask for prayer from you as that day approaches.

The Bottomline:  God has called me to Dallas Theological Seminary and Megan to be my wife.  We both feel very confident that Dallas is the place that God has for us.


April 7, 2010

Dear Parents, Students, and Church Members, and Friends:

In Genesis chapter 12 we read the story of Abraham’s calling from his homeland to “the land that the Lord will show you.”  Anytime I read this story I am always incredibly impressed by Abraham’s courage and faith to follow God to places that he never envisioned himself going.  My bet is that Abraham’s life plan never included leaving his family ties and his father’s land behind to follow God to a foreign land.  However, it was Abraham’s obedience to that call that led him to be such a great patriarchal model for us today.  His obedience, courage, and faith to follow God, especially when the future was more daunting than comfortable, have always been something I have admired.  Almost three years ago, I found myself in the same place as Abraham.  I felt God’s calling to ministry stronger than I had felt any calling to any cause ever before in my life.  That calling lead me to humbly accept the job as youth pastor for Jefferson First and through lots of trial, error, fear, successes, joy, and faith I got to see the youth group grow both numerically and in depth of faith.  Watching that growth has been one of the most encouraging and uplifting gifts that God has ever blessed me with.

However, now I find myself again in the place of Abraham.  God intends for me to be in ministry for the rest of my life.  I know He originally wanted me in youth ministry but as I have matured and grown in my faith that call has changed.  In fact, for quite some time I have known that the Lord’s will for my life is to fill the role of pastor.  After graduating last December and with Megan and I getting married this June a time of transition is upon us.  Last October, after talking to a couple of close friends in pastoral ministry, it became very clear to me that in order to follow God’s plan for my life I needed to further my education and get some experience surrounding the pastoral role.  Around this same time, Megan started looking at a doctoral program for her chosen occupation in Dallas, Texas.  A friend had also recommended to me Dallas Theological Seminary that sits very close to the school that Megan wants to attend.  After spending some time in prayer and talking with Megan, I applied to Dallas Theological in January and was accepted in February.  After acceptance, Megan and I visited the seminary and Dallas area. While in Dallas, God confirmed His call on our lives to make the transition to that area.

All of that being said, Megan and I have decided to move to Dallas in August to pursue God’s plan on our life.  For both of us that is a decision that is not easy, comfortable, or something we saw coming three years ago.  However, we have always followed the Lord’s calling on our lives and put our faith in Him just like Abraham did and we are trusting that God will take care of us.  Megan and I will be leaving on August 1st and we are both excited to go but also saddened to leave.  We love this area and we love our friends but we know God’s next step for us is in Dallas.  This summer I will be fully devoted to my youth group and fully devoted to my friends and family here in Georgia.  These circumstances will not change that devotion.  I hope that instead of sadness this letter brings excitement for Megan and I as well as excitement for what God holds for the future of this church and youth group.  God doesn’t create change without the good of those who love Him at its core.  The future always has great hope for those who trust in the Lord and our future has great hope in Him.

Love Yall

Spencer Arnold
Philemon 4-7




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12 04 2010

I’m very excited for you both! You both will most definitely be missed here. Love you!

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