We should be called the children of God…

6 01 2010

I was helping serve communion this past Sunday which is typically a great joy for me.  I enjoy getting the opportunity to help serve this sacred sacrament to our congregation and I find great joy in breaking off a piece of Christ’s body and placing it in someone’s hand.  “This is Christ’s body broken for you…” Or holding the cup in which the bread is dunked.  “Christ’s blood poured out for you and the forgiveness of sin.”  However, there are days that I wish I was on the other end of the serving being served communion because I too need to be reminded that I am a wicked, depraved, sinner only saved by the body and blood of Jesus.  I love to be the first in line so I can spend the longest amount of time at the altar thanking God for His grace and begging for forgiveness for a life tainted by sin.  (I haven’t decided if that can really be construed as selfish yet)  However, this past Sunday somehow was different.  As Pastor Carey handed me the cup of juice, after blessing it of course, and I took my place beside Bob to serve, an eye-opening experience began to make this Sunday a little more special.  Maybe it was the Lord revealing how much I have to truly learn about Him and in doing so put me back in my place.  Or maybe He was revealing just how great His grace truly must be to cover so great of sins.  But what I think God ultimately showed me this Sunday through a great welling of joy in my heart as I served His blood to everyone from nervous 4 year olds to reverent 80 year olds was how much He loves us ALL THE SAME.  See, many of the people who came to the altar this past Sunday I know at least a little bit about their circumstances or what situations they come to the altar from.  I served some who had lost their spouse or child, some whose life is wrecked with sexual sin, addiction, anger, and idolatry, some whose family is in turmoil financially, some who are desperate for even a little love and support as they try to be good parents, some with such a great joy  in their life that it was plainly evident, some with every reason to smile so they do, some who are greatly alive in Christ, some whose brand new faith has placed them a mountaintop that they never want to leave, some who feel so distant from God that they come to church every Sunday hoping this Sunday it will all change, and some who have no idea who Christ is and are just eating a mid-morning snack for all they know.  However, what Christ revealed to me is that I am one of those people too and so is Bob and so is Pastor Carey and so is every person who walks this earth.  Colossians 1:16 tells us that we were all created by God and He didn’t create us to each be loved at different levels, He created us all to be loved as much as anyone else.  1 John 3:1 calls all of us “children of God” because of the love the Father has given to us.  What was impressed on me this past Sunday was how alike we all are.  We all come from different circumstances, with different home-life’s, different sins, different temptations, different hurts, different emotions, and different needs BUT we are all alike in that Christ’s love covers us all no matter our differences.  As each individual person dunked their bread into the cup this Sunday it was so painfully obvious how sinful I was and how much I need Jesus just as much as anyone walking to that altar.  Humility is far from my greatest virtue and this Sunday Christ made that very clear…

The Bottomline:  We all need Jesus and we all need Him now.  We don’t have to clean our lives up or get rid of our sins or get our homes in order first.  He wants us now despite it all!  But how bad do you want Him?




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