Living the “Good Life”

30 12 2009

I believe one of the greatest tragedies in all of the sports world has occurred recently and if you are a Sportscenter junkie like myself then you know exactly where I am going with this.  Recently Tiger Woods, who I believe to be the number one athlete in the world, fell from the seat of glory and prestige to a place of despair, brokenness, and embarrassment.  Tiger’s once very private personal life was made very public as the number of alleged mistresses reached double digits.  As I watched the privately wicked life of one of my idols , a man I have always respected for his professionalism and integrity, become very public I couldn’t help but wonder how a man with everything the world could offer would allow himself to make such big mistakes and ruin a reputation that was once spotless.

We all desire a good life.  It is a natural desire to want health and wealth.  It is natural to want to have the resources to care for our friends and family.  It is a natural desire to feel the want to be secure and unexposed to liability.  I think that is what is so fascinating for most of us about celebrity’s lives.  We can’t understand how they can have everything we desire and still not guard it with ferocity and responsibility.  I look at all the endorsements Tiger has (at least for now), all the tournaments he has won, the family he is blessed with, and I wonder how could he risk that and not be satisfied.  I think from our perspective most of us feel like we would be satisfied with half the things Tiger owns.  However, the Bible gives us a little different picture.

In the story about the rich young man found in Mark 10, a man with great wealth who followed all the commandments of the law was still looking for more.  Did you catch that?  A man with all the world had to offer was still not fulfilled and still looking for satisfaction and he came to the right place in Jesus.  However, what the man received was a commandment to leave all the he owned and valued for something of greater value; Jesus.  It was as if Jesus was saying, “what you seek you will not find in this world, you will find what you seek in me.”  Eternal satisfaction cannot be found in this world and what it has to offer but can only be found in Jesus.  The rich young man could not understand Jesus and left sad because for him, Jesus wasn’t enough.  He wanted Jesus and his life the way he lead it.  What he wanted was the satisfaction of Jesus mixed with the hedonistic pleasure of perishable things and the problem is that anything mixed with Jesus is no longer Jesus.

Tiger’s life seems so great from the outside looking in but what we see now is that he wasn’t satisfied.  He had to look to other things, in this case extra-marital affairs, for satisfaction and with each one he was left still unsatisfied and looking for another woman, another place for pleasure and satisfaction.  The problem with Tiger and with many of us today is that we look to the world and to possessions and to instant pleasure for satisfaction and our heart never looks to the eternal source of satisfaction in Christ.  I feel like this is particularly true in this United States where we are measured by the size of our houses, the cost of our car, and the security of our bank account.  The problem with this mentality is that it will never satisfy.  Christ tells us in Matthew 6 to set our hearts on the thing that will not fade away and to treasure Christ.  There is where our satisfaction lies and in Christ we find fulfillment not in a world full of fading, dead possessions and worldly desires.

The BottomLine is that Tiger is not so different from most of us.  His sights were on perishable, empty, dying possessions and hedonistic pleasures and his eyes were never lifted to the gift of an imperishable, undefiled, unfading Savior in Jesus.  Our satisfaction and joy will only become eternal when we are most satisfied in Christ.

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